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Space Saver Mini Bag Vacuum with 5 Bags


With its compact design, the Space Saver Mini Bag Vacuum system can go anywhere and take up little room in your cabinet or drawer. Sealing your food up for easy storage anywhere saving time in your day, money in your grocery budget, and space in your frig!

Each system includes five reusable bags. These bags are BPA-free and can be cleaned out and used repeatedly. Each has a double-zip closure for 100% airtight seal.

How to Use:

  1. Fill bag with food/other items
  2. Place the sealing device on top of the plastic bag that you just filled
  3. Press the button to suck all the air out of the filled plastic bag underneath it.
  4. Close up the bag’s double-zip fastener at the top the bag and store it

BPA Free
Battery Operated (3-AAA Not Included)

Storage bags size: 11.22” x 8.46”