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Absorb Mat- Absorbs .. Mud, Dirt, Grime.. and More


Introducing Absorb Mat, the ultimate solution to keep your home clean and tidy, no matter the weather! Say goodbye to muddy footprints and dirty paw prints with our magical indoor absorbent clean doormat. Designed to effortlessly scrape off dirt, water, dust, grit, mud, slush, sleet, grass, and even rain or snow from your shoes or your pet’s paws.

Our high-quality mat is specially crafted with a TPR thermoplastic backing material that ensures durability and non-slip protection. Feel confident knowing that this mat will hold up against harsh weather conditions while keeping you safe from slipping accidents. Please note that for optimal performance and effectiveness, it is recommended to use on a dry surface.

With its low profile design, our door mat fits perfectly in front of your door without trapping it. Its versatility allows you to use it in various areas of your home where non-slip protection is needed. Bid farewell to worries about scuffs or slips on dry floors!

Invest in Absorb Mat today and experience the joy of entering a clean home without the hassle of constantly cleaning up after wet feet. Let us take care of the mess while you enjoy a clean and dry living space.

Product Details: 

  • Machine Washable
  •  Traps Mud and Grime
  • Water Absorbent
  • TPR Backing
  • Magic clean mat. 70% cotton & 30% polyester with PVC backing