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Neote LED Acrylic Dry Erase Board


Neote, Acrylic Dry Erase Board transforms your ideas into vibrant neon expressions. Unleash your creativity as you write on the smooth acrylic surface, and watch your words come to life in dazzling neon letters. Neote combines the practicality of a dry erase board with the excitement of neon aesthetics, making brainstorming sessions, presentations, and creative endeavors truly electrifying. Elevate your communication and captivate your audience with Neote’s unique ability to turn every message into a neon masterpiece. Illuminate your ideas, stand out, and make a lasting impression with Neote – where innovation meets illumination.

Product Details:

  • Acrylic Dry Erase  Board
  • 7 Neon Markers Included ( Green, White, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Orange)
  • Durable Material
  • Requires power source ( IE: power bank, usb , etc)
  • Dimensions : 11.81 x 7.87
  • Weighs : 14 ounces