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חיפוש מוצרים
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No Flu For Me – Prevention Box


No Flu for me prevention box is a must have as we fall into the coldest time of the year.  Its best to get ahead of the flu or any other virus by having the proper tools.

This box includes a contactless thermometer that offers 3 color notes( Three different color backlight denotes different temperatures: Green = > 89.78°F to < 99.14°F ,Yellow = 99.32°F to < 100.22°F ,Red = > 100.4°F to < 107.6°F)

The oximeter , Measures SpO2 and pulse rate within 10 seconds. Accommodates wide range of finger sizes._) simply clip on your finger and get an instant reading.

  N95 is 3-ply surgical mask offering 4 layers of protection from viruses.  lastly package also includes 4 Fabric mask  for those who want to be safe and stylish ( Blue, Pink, Gray and Purple.)

Package includes:

  • Infrared Contactless Temporal Thermometer
  • Oximeter
  • 4 fabric face mask
  • 5 N95 MASK