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Essential Oil Wool Dryer Set – Peaceful Dry – ResidenceBy3P


Your essential oil-infused wool dryer balls, made from 100 percent New Zealand wool, will do your family’s laundry good. Our 100 percent wool dryer balls work their softening magic by bouncing off clothes and blankets in the dryer to help them stay separated from one another so air can flow more freely and reduce drying time by 25 percent, per load. They also reduce wrinkling. And best of all: They’re reusable for up to an impressive 1,000 loads! Save your money and time with these eco-friendly dryer balls that you can use again and again! Adding the element of essential oils leaves your clothing smelling refreshed and renewed.


Package includes:

6 Essential Oils  10 ml each

4 Wool Dryer Balls


Dryer Balls:

  • Natural and organic: Natural and chemical-free, 100 percent New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls with NO FILLERS, which are hypoallergenic, making them a smart choice that’s gentle enough for even those with sensitive skin and even itty-bitty baby clothes.
  • Working their softening magic by bouncing off clothes helps clothes stay separated in the dryer so air can flow more freely, reducing drying time by 25 percent, per load.
  • Reusable up to an impressive 1,000 loads, making your clothes and bedding feel fresh and natural. Save your money and time.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Will last for over 1,000 loads of laundry, Replaces Dryer Sheets & Liquid Fabric Softeners.


Breathe Easy

  • Bergamot- Italy
  • Geranium- PRC
  • Rose- France
  • Rosemary-PRC
  • Eucalyptus- PRC


  • Fennel- PRC
  • Clary Sage – PRC
  • Lime- France
  • Juniper- USA
  • Tea Tress- Australia

Good Night

  • Lavender- France
  • Sandalwood- Australia
  • Lemon- PRC
  • Marjoram- France
  • Nutmeg- PRC


  • Peppermint- USA
  • Bergamot- Italy
  • Chamomile- PRC
  • Thyme-PRC
  • Lavender-France


  • Clary Sage- PRC
  • Ylang Ylang – France
  • Jasmine- France
  • Marjoram-France
  • Nutmeg-PRC

Stress Free

  • Eucalyptus- PRC
  • Peppermint – USA
  • Lavender – France
  • Tea Tree- Australia
  • Sweet Orange- Brazil

How To Use:

  1. Apply essential oil onto to Wool Dryer Ball
  2. Set dryer time
  3. and allow the magic to happen